Replace missing teeth with dentures from CDG

Dentures come in all shapes and sizes including complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are indicated when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures replace certain missing teeth.

CDG also offer implant-supported dentures for eligible patients who don’t want removable dentures. An added benefit of implant-supported dentures is that the implants provide extra support for your jaws that removable dentures don’t.

Partial Denture

A partial denture is used to replace two or more teeth and can be either fixed to the teeth on either side of the gap or secured with dental implants. The process for a partial denture will depend on whether you opt to have it supported by implants or secured to teeth on either side of the gap. In terms of treatment time it is faster to have the denture secured to existing teeth. In terms of your oral health long-term, it is better to have the denture secured by a dental implant.

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Complete Denture

A complete denture is used to replace a whole row of teeth. For some patients, this may require extracting a few remaining teeth to place the complete denture. A complete denture can be either fixed with dental adhesive to your gum or can be supported by implants.

The type of complete denture you are eligible for will depend on the health of your gums and jaw. For the best results, an implant supported denture is recommended. However, for patients who are ineligible either for implants, or for the bone grafting surgery necessary to have implants placed; a removable complete denture will suffice,

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Implant-supported dentures

An implant-supported denture is a partial or complete denture attached to implants. A complete denture is attached to the jaw by 4 to 6 implants, and a partial denture usually only needs one or two dentures.

The process for implant-supported dentures takes up to six months to complete. The part of the treatment which takes the longest is your jaw fusing with the dental implant(s). Once the jawbone has successfully fused with the dental implant(s), the dentures can be attached to the implants providing you with a fixed denture solution.

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